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The Code Hunters: A Nicholas Foxe Adventure

A Tablet 10,000 Years Old May Change the World's Future Nicholas Foxe leads an unlikely team around the world to solve the tablet's code. Powerful men stand in their way. It's a life and death race! An Army Ranger makes a snap decision in the heat of battle. Cave explorers discover a 10,000-year-old tablet with a mysterious code too complex for ancient people. An elderly violin maker and his autistic daughter guard manuscripts telling of an advanced civilization. Fate brings these people together in a mystery, when solved, will change the future of mankind. The reader meets a televangelist who intends to profit from his religious interpretation of the tablet; a senator who secretly serves a powerful constituent; a mysterious Texan who foresees extraordinary wealth in owning the tablet; and a bombmaker with the latest destructive products. What did the ancients leave behind? Who will find the answers first?

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