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Parricide in Pierre: Capital City Murders Book #8


A birthday celebration ended in tragedy. In Pierre, murder is as rare as a visit from a photographer like amateur sleuth Nick O’Flannigan. When both happen at the same time, Nick is welcomed as much for his coverage of the small town as for his photography skills. Local officials entice him to help them with some crime scene photography. What at first seems to be a burglary gone wrong turns out to be something else, and a mysterious stranger may hold the key to the mystery. Can Nick get to him in time, and will the boy share his secrets? “Suspense and drama. The best so far.” –K. Jay With an editor on his back to stay out of the news, local authorities who don’t believe him, and a surprise twist, you won’t want to miss this continuation of the compelling Capital City Murders series. If you love the Spenser series, you will love Nick O’Flannigan. Check out this travel mystery today!

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