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Writing as a Business: Production, Distribution, and Marketing


Writing is a Business, and it is time we as authors started treating it like one. But what does that really mean? The writing business, regardless if you are published traditionally or self-published consists of three parts: production, distribution, and marketing. If you want to make money writing youll need to understand each of these, and this is a book you can refer to on your author journey over and over again. In this comprehensive overview, you will learn: Writing Production How to develop good writing habits. How to write more, faster. How to tell when your book is done. How to find a cover designer, formatter, and get your book ready for publication. Book Distribution How to decide between Amazon exclusive publishing and wide distribution. Where to distribute your books. How to work with libraries and bookstores. Mistakes to avoid. Author Marketing Where to market your book. How much marketing costs. How to evaluate marketing channels. What the future of books looks like. Full time author, editor, and veteran of the publishing industry, Troy Lambert gives you a picture of publishing today, tomorrow, and how you as an author can navigate it successfully.

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