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Hanging in Helena: Capital City Murders Book #6


This time it’s more personal than ever. Nick O’Flannigan suspects that his time in the small town of Helena will be one of relaxation and reflection, even time to think about the future. A rare murder, a hanging in a park outside of town piques his interest though. The only real clue is in a photograph he took on a short hike. But he’s found a new friend, a stranger he feels oddly connected to. The more often they run into each other, the deeper their conversations go. But a nagging suspicion in the back of his mind tells Nick something isn’t right here. “Another fun mystery.” –J. Johnson The police finally have a real lead. Nick finds himself closer, and more involved with the solution than he ever wanted to be. The twist will have you screaming at the pages as you read. A combination of coming of age and a harrowing thriller, you won’t want to miss the final justice of this murder mystery. Buy your copy of the Capital City Murders series today!

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