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Redemption (The Samuel Elijah Johnson Series Book 1)


What do prisons and churches have in common? Both can offer Redemption. An ex-con turned attorney, Samuel Elijah Johnson, finally gets released from prison, and wonders, “What’s next?” An offhand idea from a friend offers a possible solution: a law practice of his own designed to help others like him. A secretly insane man with a secret addiction, one that makes him confront the rules drilled into his memory by his militantly religious parents, Arthur Creed is living in turmoil. Randy Peterson wants desperately to do the right thing and to convince his wife’s parents he is “good enough” for their daughter. Things spin out of control, and all three of their worlds collide with a monumental crash. Will any of them find Redemption in the end? Find out in this psychological suspense thriller that pushes the envelope of what’s right or wrong, and who is worthy of being redeemed. From prison to church, from insanity to self-worth, you’ll be left shocked and guessing until the very end.

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