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Madoff, An Unholy Alliance: Banks, Wall Street & Washington D.C.

Ralph Griffith first began writing while entering federal prison for the third time, 14 years ago. He felt that it was maybe time to change professions and began writing fiction. He spent his last 7 years in a small federal prison with Bernie Madoff and Jonathon Pollard in Butner, North Carolina. The small medical facility was designed to house high powered or notorious inmates who the BOP felt needed special watching. Griffith and Madoff both had chronic heart conditions and over the years became friends. Well, when two men live in a 60 man unit, it is kind of hard not to. Griffith worked as the law clerk and befriended many other well known celebrity criminals. Some of these relationships added to Griffith's basis for fiction. But he became more and more interested in the way things really worked in the United States and having Madoff to discuss these matters gave him an advantage over others. Griffith's first time to federal prison was in 1977 and he was sent to Lompoc's prison camp where he lived with H.R. Haldeman, the former White House Chief of Staff under President Richard Nixon, who was serving time for his involvement in Watergate. You can visit Griffith's official website at www.ralphgriffith.net

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