The Corsairs of Orion (The Swashbuckling Adventures of Andromeda Jack Book 1)

by R R Stark

Published Mar 24, 2012 by

Price: $3.99

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New Second Edition

Seven-hundred years in the future, people of Earth have successfully colonized many sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, numerous such worlds have rebelled and claimed independence from the imperialistic regime and their inhabitants have become menacing pirates, working alongside alien cutthroats as well, particularly from the ominous Orion Sector, a vile nest of lawless iniquity. These bloodthirsty corsairs sail across the galaxy to relentlessly ravage and plunder the vulnerable Terran colonies. But one unlikely hero stands out in their midst, one brave swashbuckler dares to face and fight the onslaught of insidious pirate hordes, named Andromeda Jack Jarvis.

Jack and his companion, Dorian Callisto, embark upon a most dangerous mission on the pirate world of Koratuga in order to infiltrate the cutthroat pirate crew of Bloody Barnabas Baltazar of the notorious ship the Skulldigger in order to steal the extravagantly priceless Indigo Opal of Orion, which possesses dangerous supernatural properties. So Jack and Dorian soon face perilous ordeals whereby matters only get far worse.

This adventure intertwines the dashing, romantic nostalgia of the Golden Age of Piracy of Earth and the future era of a wild space frontier where roaming star sailors and lawless buccaneers sail the expanse of the Milky Way. All in all, you can expect swords and laser pistols, menacing pirate ships, alien and human corsairs, skirmishes on land and battles in space, with a few twists and surprises along the way, and a whole lot more in this epic space adventure of grandiose proportions!

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