The Blade of Rebellion (Lineage of Fate Book 1)

by Ian Carter

Published Jan 01, 2020 by

Price: $2.99

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The Kingdom of Orilia is a militaristic nation forged by the fires of war in its early years. From that conflict arose an invention called a Blade, swords of immense and dangerous power. Blades could be altered at will by inserting different Stones into its guard. From producing powerful flames to gifting it's user superior strength, the power of a Blade was only limited by the Stones inserted into it.

Children across Orilia dream of the day they can obtain a Blade of their own. They begin training in swordsmanship at a young age. The culmination of their effort is the Empyrean Tournament, part of a festival held in the kingdom every four years. Young swordsmen and women compete to determine the best of their age group. They aim for one of the few Gold Blades; the preeminent symbol of wealth, power, and glory.

The day of the festival arrives, and a sinister plot is put into action. The kingdom's sole prince, a participant in the Empyrean Tournament himself, is wounded. The opportunity to prove himself worthy of being the next king is shattered. His kingdom, steeped in peace for decades, is now plunged into crisis.

Prince Kai Orilia embarks on his maiden journey into his now dangerous kingdom on a mission to find those responsible. What he finds, however, is nothing he could have ever imagined.

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