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The Beekeeper: A Thrilling Police Procedurals Mystery With a Woman Sleuth (The First Detective Elizabeth Stratton Mystery Book 1)


**Amazon Charts Bestseller** IT TURNS OUT HONEY ISN'T SO SWEET... When a mysterious woman is found brutally murdered in a bee-infested hotel room, her mouth filled with poisonous honey, Miami detective Elizabeth Stratton is tasked with unravelling the case and bringing a murderer to justice. But it soon becomes clear this case isn't so cut-and-dry. On the trail of a dangerous serial killer with a unique calling card, Elizabeth is left scratching her head as the case continues to get weirder. Solving this mystery will force her to take an unorthodox approach - a crash course in beekeeping to discover the secret of poisonous honey. With a terrible storm looming on the horizon and time running out before the killer strikes again, Elizabeth finds herself in a desperate race to unmask the murderer. But when the bees follow her home, she'd better make sure she doesn't become another victim herself... If you love hair-raising mysteries packed with suspense and a sense of danger, then you won't want to miss the gripping first book in the Elizabeth Stratton series. Grab your copy today! What readers are saying: "I couldn't put this book down, after I read the first page. It's fast-paced and it's got everything for a great thriller" - Amazon Reviewer "A sit on the edge of your seat mystery." - Amazon Reviewer "I was hooked from the beginning. The twists were surprising. The characters were great." - Amazon Reviewer

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