Finding Yourself in Seville

by Steve Carter

Published Jun 15, 2014 by

Price: $2.99

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4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with 46 ratings
Steve Carter's follow-up to the # 1 kindle smash 'Love, Sex and Tesco's Finest Cava' is another, hilarious romantic comedy.

Faced with the realisation that his stunning girlfriend has been having an affair, Andy McLeod takes the decision to radically change his life. An errant dart thrown at a map leads him to the beautiful, Andalucian city of Seville where he enrols on a yearlong, intensive Spanish course.
As Andy embraces his new life he encounters a disparate group of characters. There’s hippy-chick Saffron who seems to have a bad word to say about everyone except Andy,
Mad, philosophical Swede Johan, whose liver surely won't last the year and who takes anything that's not nailed down.
Feisty, redhead Maggie, whose clever comments and sassy attitude has Andy in a pickle.
Then there's the dark, Sevillian beauty Marilo, who also has designs on Andy.
And that's not to mention the mysterious Sergio who introduces Andy to a brand new club scene.

As Andy's year races by, he becomes convinced that destiny has something amazing in store for him in Seville.

But destiny doesn’t always turn out in the way you think it will. Life and love can sometimes force you to make some very tough choices.

Can Andy make the right choices?

Set against the cultural backdrop of Moorish Spain 'Finding Yourself in Seville' is a romantic comedy about finding love in unexpected places. It's also a novel with a very clever twist.

Praise for Finding Yourself in Seville:

Annie from The Three Little Buhos blog said:

‘I wanted to share with you the latest book I've finished; Finding Yourself in Seville by Steve Carter.
I picked this book up on Amazon mainly because Daniel and I are planning to live in Seville for a year in a couple of years’ time so I was drawn in by the title.
In short, I really enjoyed this book.’
‘I would recommend it not just for the element of romance or the easy to digest style of writing, but also because of the clear depth of research and knowledge that the author has put into writing it. The way in which Seville and the Sevillanos are described is perfect and honestly captures the essence of the wonderful city.’

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