Secret Enemy

by Ms LB

Published Apr 13, 2019 by

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King is a powerful man who has taken over the streets of Detroit. After dealing with nothing but hoodrats, thots and gold diggers, it is love at first sight when he meets the beautiful, sexy and independent Mya Jones. Love will bring them together but will jealousy, lies, ulterior motives and secrets tear them apart.

Mya’s life was a dream come true. She had a husband who loved and adored her, a successful career and a best-friend who she shared an unbreakable bond with, or so she thought. Mya will soon learn, you may think you know a person, only to discover you never really knew them at all.

Star is the definition of keep your friends close, and your enemy even closer! From a young age, Star has always used her exotic looks and the power of what was between her legs, to make men fulfill her every heart desire, all expect one, giving her the title as “wife”. Will Star commit the ultimate act of betrayal to finally get what she wants?

When secrets are revealed and lies are exposed, friends will turn into enemies and leave everyone wondering, if there really is a such thing as a “friend”?

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