He Played Me Part 2

by Ms LB

Published Apr 15, 2019 by

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After being shot, losing her job and fighting a case, the innocent and naive Yazmin was gone. She has learned a tough, but valuable lesson about love and loyalty. But how far will Yazmin be willing to go for revenge, before realizing, “A Person with Nothing to Lose, Will Help You Lose Everything You Have!”

Jai has turned his ex-wife Yazmin’s world upside down and went right back to manipulating, abusing and controlling other women. With his enemies out for blood; Will Jai dirt finally catch up to him, or will he continue to ruin the life of every woman he comes across.

For years, Nadia begged God to remove Jai from her life and when he finally did, like a fool Nadia had went running back. The abuse Nadia endured at the hands of Jai before, was nothing compared to the pain and humiliation she was about to experience. Nadia was about to learn the true meaning of, Sleeping with the Enemy!

Harmony had learned the hard way, “Everything that glitter isn’t gold!” Desperate to escape the abusive relationship she had been a mistress in for years, Harmony packed her bags and jumped on the road, ready to get a fresh start on life. But she would soon find out, the past is hard to escape, when it refuses to let you go.

When New Faces Appear, Old Beef Resurfaces, and Betrayal is taken to an even deeper level, each person will be left questioning the ulterior motives of everyone around them.
~Karma is cooking up dinner, and ready to serve it on a hot platter~

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