Vitamin D3 Highdosage T h e Alternative to the previous therapy of G l a u c o m a: Newest Findings revolutionize Cancer prophylaxis+therapy General Medicine Ophthamology Wearing of Contactlenses

by Dr med Harald Schelle

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My first vitamin-D-publication was published in German as an eBook on Amazon-Kindle April 10, 2015. ASIN B01E2 S57 KS. Many 5-star-reviews. In English, the publication was published as an eBook on Amazon on June 18,2018. ASIN: B07D VTPY C9. About 142 pages in 34 chapters, 30.075 words, 9.99 € incl.19% VAT; on 18.08.2018 then as a printed book in English at Epubli Berlin, Germany. ISBN Nr. 9783 7467 5219 8, 112 pages in 34 chapters, science format 24 x 17 cm, 30.156 words. 24,99 € including 19% VAT. Already on April 10, 1016, it appeared as a printed book in German in the same publisher and in in the same design. The 3. edition, took place April 11, 2017. Update in August 2018. ISBN: 9783 7450 505 407-1. Available: Amazon + directly from the publisher: Link to Purchase of the Kindle device in possession of computer, tablet + smartphone not necessary. My book deals with all of the affects of Vitamin D-hormone due to the latest research in 34 chapters. These can be found quickly due to a so-called "dynamic table of contents", by tapping with the left mouse button (for tablets + smartphones) on the respective chapter. It is readable on all computers, tablets and smartphones after downloading the free Kindle app on up to 6 devices. With the Kindle app reading in 11 different font sizes is possible. Orderable: About my homepage: see above. Revolutionary significance comes from the therapy I have successfully discovered in G l a u c o m a with high-dose hormone D3 with a target of 100-150 ng / ml in the blood. A drug therapy + operations are then no longer necessary. Vitamin D3 is n o t t o x i c. The only harmless thing I found was faster growth of hair + nails. D3, highdosage, has a positive effect on many diseases + contact lens wear. It is indicated for scotoma, allergies, cataract, AMD + sicca syndrome. As a contact lens expert, I published 2 books titled "Contact Lenses, Seeing New, Experiencing Yourself." Several scientific publications, last Dec. 2015 about chronic pain + complications from contact lenses in the right eye + their correction + avoidance. Under D3, highdosage,get better the tears qualitatively + quantitatively + the epithelial fragility (fragility of the conjunctival + corneal epithelium) + the endothelium of the cornea. This results in a higher safety during contact lens wear, especially in the "prolonged transmission" of contactlenses + in orthokeratology (= correction of visual defects with special class In addition, D3 is also effective in general medicine, sensational in MS (multiple sclerosis, Coimbra + his method (Chap.32): In my own case, a cure of a colon vesical valve: 4 urologists + a surgeon advised me to undergo surgery (Chap.6). In patients, hypertension, arrhythmias, eczema, depression, allergies, infections were improved Flu infections were no longer present (this could make flu vaccines redundant). insomnia, gait disorders, dizziness, general fatigue, body weakness, deafness, vitamin B12 deficiency + other conditions were favorably affected. News for Health at c h i l d r e n (Chapt.9). 16 new medical indications for D3 developed as Pulmonary Hypertension (PH, Chap.6). C a n c e r - P r o p h y l a x i s i s, especially effective in breast, prostate and colorectal cancer, if one follows my recommendations (Chap.8). Chemo- + radiotherapy + surgeries are better tolerated with D3. In cancer, heart attacks, strokes + MS is usually an extreme D3 deficiency. For the first time in the history of medicine, a r t e r i o s c l e r o s i s can be treated with M K 7 in vitamin K2, which is also important for high-dose hormone D3. In Chap.23 everything about M a g n e s i u m. New: Vitamin D-Pope Holick: 3-effect pathways of D3 (Chap.34), GcMAF - Immunotherapy + D3 / Nagalase to Yamamoto, primary + secondary Vit.-D3-resistences (Chap.33),
More: look my homepage:

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