Kindle Edition
The Darkest Grind (Detective Elizabeth Stratton Mysteries Book 3)


The coffee shop business is a bitter and cutthroat industry . . . especially when your CEO is in pieces.

In the middle of the night, ten years ago, then rookie cop Elizabeth Stratton was the first to respond to a harrowing scene at an artisan coffee shop involving an industrial-sized coffee grinder and a lot of blood. Two were left dead ... one in pieces at the scene and one whom Elizabeth valiantly tried to save, but ultimately failed.

A decade later, it happens again. The same scene at the same chain of coffee shops. Only now the victim is the man who everyone thought was responsible for the first crime. Had he really been innocent ten years ago as he'd claimed or do they have a copycat?

This time, Elizabeth is the senior detective on the case. She is older, wiser, and it takes a lot more than bloody coffee beans to scare her. Then again, she doesn't realize that she's about to learn more about coffee than a mid-twenties Seattle hipster or that solving this crime will require her to see the patterns that no one else sees.

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