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Dora Doxey and the Doctor: Marriages, Morphine and Murder (Read All About It! True Crime)


Who was the enigmatic Dora Doxey? And what was her strange and lifelong connection with the doctor? Was she, as the authorities sought to prove, simply calculating and cold-blooded, or was she herself more of a victim than a criminal? She was born Dora Elizabeth Fuller on March 17, 1880, in Mercer County, Illinois, took on several names and husbands, and was suspected of killing one of them. You will watch this story unfold in much the same way as did newspaper readers in the early years of the last century, when telegraphs were common but telephones were rare, and motorcars were just making their way onto the nation’s dusty roads and rutted highways. As this story grew, other papers throughout the country happily amplified the Dora Doxey tale, which ranged from sordid to titillating to sad to romantic — and was always mysterious. In the Read All About It! series of fully illustrated true-crime books, you get the actual text — edited for the sake of brevity and for your understanding of these convoluted weeks and months when Dora Doxey was the talk of the nation. The newspapers which covered this story built the ongoing saga as a confrontation between two women, Dora Doxey, the suspected murderer, and Kate Erder, whose struggle for justice for her dead brother would change her life. In the background was always the doctor, with his hypodermic needle.

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