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Black the Tides: haunting YA dark fantasy (Threads of Dreams Book 2)


Something deadly lurks below the surface . . . Cole's proven she can fight the Mara and win. Now she can't wait to destroy her oppressors once and for all. But when a series of eerily haunting dreams drives her back into battle too soon, the power she's only just learned to wield fails to show up for the fight. Ash claims the dreamwalkers of Nine Peaks might be able to help her reclaim her lost magic—and hard-won sense of purpose. Too bad her long-forgotten homeland can only be reached by a perilous journey across monster-infested waters. Not to mention the joys of trekking through the wilderness with nothing but a snarky ghost and a boy who made it his life's mission to save a dead girl for company. Not that Cole has much of a choice. If she can't restore her connection to the dreamscape before it's too late, her newfound friends won't be the only ones to pay the price. But more than just monsters stand in her way—and this time, taking back the power to stop them might just break her. What happens when you release the hero within . . . and find out she isn't you? Buy the anticipated sequel to Blind the Eyes for riveting YA fantasy with a devastating cliffhanger twist.

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