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Their Names Were Many (His Name Was Zach Book 3)


Twenty-two year old Abby moved to the desert to escape her past, but falling off the grid isn’t so easy for a war hero. Three years after helping the ReFounding Fathers overthrow the corrupt regime of Cyrus Arthur, Abby receives a mysterious letter from the new President. America is finally ready to reclaim the lands lost to zombies and warlords, but without satellites, reconnaissance must be done the old-fashioned way. Abby’s experience out in the Wild makes her a perfect candidate to lead a team of Marine Raiders across the country. On this quest to heal the nation and find forgiveness for herself, Abby will confront memories darker than a moonless night. Old enemies, the savage undead, and a former lover stand in her way, but the greatest challenge lies at the end of her road, back where it all began... His name was Zach, and his grave awaits Abby’s return.

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