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The Secrets Between Us: The Richard & Judy Summer Book Club Pick

‘Another exquisite read from Louise Douglas . . . I wanted to lose myself in the narrative… and I did.’ Milly Johnson

A chance encounter: Sarah is immediately drawn to dark, brooding Alex. They are both recovering from broken relationships on the southern coast of Sicily and looking for a fresh start. Sarah simply cannot resist Alex’s offer of a new life together.

A perfect life: But when Sarah joins Alex in a tiny Somerset village, something doesn't add up. Alex's beautiful wife Genevieve was adored by all who knew her. And apparently, she and Alex had a successful marriage complete with a gorgeous son, Jamie. Why would Genevieve walk out on her perfect life? And why has no one heard from her since she did so?

A web of lies: Genevieve's family and all her friends think that Alex knows more about her disappearance than he's letting on. But Sarah's fallen in love with him and just knows he couldn't have anything to hide. Or could he?

The thrilling and unmissable Richard & Judy pick from the bestselling author of The House by the Sea and The Secrets by the Lake.

Readers love The Secrets Between Us:

***** ‘A fabulously atmospheric and disturbing read … builds to a gripping conclusion.’
***** ‘It is a story of suspense, full of tension and atmosphere.’
***** ‘This is a drama, mystery, romance and thriller in one . . . you won't want to put this book down.’

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