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Dinosaur Dreams (Greyson's Adventures)

Children's Book: Dinosaur Dreams Greyson loves dinosaurs. They're his favorite thing on earth. Big or small, he loves playing with dinosaurs all day long. But now that it's bedtime, does that mean that it's the end of his dinosaur adventures? This bedtime story spotlights the power of imagination and looking at dreams as a child's nighttime adventure. Nighttime routines help your child get ready to sleep; a consistent bedtime results in better behavior during the day. When children's bedtimes are delayed or irregular, their behavior is often worse. Inconsistent bedtimes have long-term effects on overall behavior. This book aims to help children look forward to bedtime and their dreams. About the Greyson’s Adventures Series This is a picture book series told from the perspective of a little boy named Greyson. Readers will join Greyson as he explores the world of dinosaurs, race cars, surprise deliveries, and more. The tone of the books is light and friendly, told from the perspective of the child. Your little ones will connect with Greyson, and his daily adventures will resonate with him or her. There are two books in the series currently available, with several others in the works. From the Author Greyson has an incredible imagination. Coupled with his love for dinosaurs, toy cars, construction trucks, and zoo animals, he creates an immersive world for himself throughout the day. Getting him ready for bed was a chore, as he felt that sleep was taking him away from his adventures. This story helped him realize there was a whole new world awaiting him at bedtime. My goal is to bring his imagination to life on paper and help others find joy in their day-to-day adventures. - Alexander Kelley About the book: Dinosaur Dreams Dinosaur Dreams is a "read out loud" children's book. This book, and series, is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten and for kids who are active readers of I Can Read Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Though recommended as a bedtime story, kids can enjoy this book any time of day. The nature of bedtime being a gateway to nighttime adventures is reinforced by reading it as part of a bedtime routine. It is also an incredible moment for parents, or grandparents, to bond with the child. This series is part of the short bedtime stories for kids. This children's book is available for FREE as part of the Kindle Unlimited membership! Dinosaur Dreams Review Spotlight There is something about kids and dinosaurs that instantly click and consequently spur one’s imagination. In the book Dinosaur Dreams by Alexander J. Kelley, we get to see how Greyson can enjoy his dinosaurs not only during the day as he plays with them but even as he sleeps! Educational, relatable and playful, this book is one that can definitely be enjoyed by children, especially those who love dinosaurs in all shapes and sizes. With its superb and captivating illustrations, children can quickly visualize their dinosaur friends as they spend unforgettable hours with them night and day. Parents can join their kids in their journey with dinosaurs, enhancing their creative thinking and helping them look forward to adventures that await them in their dreams. Bedtime stories need not be a chore when such stories could help children surrender slowly to sleep, anticipating another world they could explore with enthusiasm. I love how this book flawlessly combines science and heart to introduce a world that children could enjoy and look forward to. It can even help parents put their children to sleep, making bedtime a thrilling portal to magical adventures with their dinosaur friends. Jocelyn Soriano, itakeoffthemask.com

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