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Animals ABC: My First Alphabet Book (My First...)

Children's Book: Animals ABC Get ready to count baby animals, written for adventurers aged newborn to 6. When you feel it’s time to teach your toddler the ABCs, an assortment of friendly baby animals are here to guide you. This book teaches your little one that letters can be fun through repetitive narrative and adorable drawings. After all, have you seen these cute and cuddly animals? What better way to get from A to Z than with the help of the animal kingdom’s best. But at what age do kids usually learn the alphabet? Well, it happens in stages. Children do not develop at the same rate, so some learn later than others. By the time kids start kindergarten, however, most will know the alphabet. Here’s the average rate; By age 2: Kids begin recognizing some letters. They can say aloud or sing the ABC song. By age 3: Kids recognize around half of the letters in the alphabet. They begin connecting letters and the sound they make. By age 4: Most kids know all the letters of the alphabet, as well as their correct order. By kindergarten: Most kids can match letters to their corresponding sounds. Kids develop others skills along the way. At ages 2 or 3, kids figure out the letters in their name, for example. Once they begin school, they begin to learn that letters sound the same, whether they are capitalized or lowercase. About the My First… Series This is a picture book series that is written with the young adventurer in mind. Learning is key to giving a child the best chance to reach his or her full potential. There may be no greater time of importance in a child's life than the first 1000 days. From birth through three years old, their brains are developing faster than at any other point in their life. Research has shown that by age five, a child’s brain is 80% to 90% developed. Exposing them to the fundamentals of education during this period is crucial, and the My First… series aims to do so with fun animals or dinosaurs that children enjoy interacting with. There are three books in the series currently available, with several others in the works. From the Author During the first few years of his life, my son immersed himself with anything and everything. We wanted every numbers book we could find, every alphabet book, shapes, colors, you name it. Along the way, he developed a love for dinosaurs, animals, sea life, etc. As a father, I wanted to write a series of books that brings these two pieces together. It’s important for us to teach our kids that learning can be fun. Let’s give them the tools they need to be successful at an early age - Alexander Kelley About the book: Animals ABC Animals ABC is a "read out loud" children's book. This book, and series, is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten and for kids who are active readers of I Can Read Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Kids can enjoy this book any time of day. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents, or grandparents, to bond with the child through the power of learning the ABCs.. This series is part of the short learning stories for kids. This children's book is available for FREE as part of the Kindle Unlimited membership! Animals ABC Review Spotlight “Cute illustrations show an animal for each letter of the alphabet. However, for each animal there is also a descriptive word starting with the same letter (zebra/zany). Never seen that before, but it is a great idea.” - Gail Christian

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