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The Disappeareds (Dateline Zero Book 2)


Britain, 2026 A fledgling Resistance fighter. Her dictator father. She’s their only chance of stopping him. Moved to London to work at Science Academy just like she bargained, Maya Flint has everything she wanted. Except her best friend, except her family, except her safety. Pointing a warning finger with a rifle, the Government’s grip is tightening, all to maintain perfect Britain, of course. The rumours of unrest in the agricultural communes aren’t the glimmer of hope they should be. Not when there are increased curfews, more encouragement for the population to turn on each other, blatant shootings. Something big is coming, something that has a dictator running scared. And a man scared is capable of anything. Stop him, she must. But what if the price is Maya’s soul? What if he gets to her first? Book 2 in the Dateline Zero series The Disappeareds is the second book in the Dateline Zero dystopian suspense series set in a worryingly possible richly-drawn future. If you like a fast-paced, twisty suspenseful adventure and a heroine prepared to stand for what’s right, you’ll love the next installment in Karen Guyler’s gripping series. Discover The Disappeareds to read the continuation of Maya Flint’s story today!

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