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Dateline Zero series boxset: Books 1-3, post pandemic dystopian survival fiction: The Only, The Disappeareds, The Reckoning


What do you do if everything you've been told is a lie? Britain 2025 Eight years after the flu pandemic changed the world, Maya Flint's life is like everyone else's, small, simple, routine, following the Government's rules to stay safe and healthy. But that was before she destroyed the medicine her brother needs to keep him alive, before she had to do anything she could to save him, before she broke the laws. As she uncovers the terrible truths behind the regime, Maya is faced with a choice with world-shattering consequences. In a world where no one will, is she strong enough to stand up for what's right? Dateline Zero is a dystopian suspense series set in a richly-drawn alternative future. If you like a fast-paced, twisty suspenseful adventure and a heroine prepared to stand for what’s right, you’ll love Karen Guyler’s gripping series that you won't be able to put down.

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