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The Retired S Ranked Adventurer : Volume I (The Shatterfist Book 1)


★Adventurers never die, they just fade away★

They called him Sven, the Shatterfist.
One of a group of heroes who fought the Demon Lord Mannon.
He's finally returned home.
But for Sven, after returning from abroad, life isn't what it used to be.
Adventuring isn't what it used to be.
Things have changed. Something is different.

The obvious next step?

Settle down. Start his own tavern. Drink with magic girls.
Maybe not in that order.

Get your copy of "The Retired S Ranked Adventurer" and set off for an adventure.

Early Reviews From Followers
*I have read this a few times because I really like the story and the pacing. This story explores an interesting question of what do high level characters do in their happily ever afters. Personally it resonated with me because if you have ever played an MMO you get to a point where people quit because there's no more content and you are left trying to find something to do. The characters are really good and overall I really liked this. Looking forward to more from the author. - K N

For the readers who want a simple slice of life story, The Retired S Rank Adventurer is not the story for you. However, for those readers who want to read a story with a vast world and want twists and turns in their story, read at the very least to chapter 24. I will not spoil the story, but chapter 24 completely caught me off guard. It truly surprised me, but I can't say there were not hints along the way looking back now. It is a slow burn, but it definitely is worth the wait. - John Plume

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