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Facets Of Life - Dispel Inner And Outer Conflict: With The Seven Works Conscious Work-Life-Change Blueprint (Work Life Wide Open Book 2)

You’ve had enough of the relentless Busy Work that consumes your days, evenings and weekends. You’re sick and tired of the endless, meaningless drudgery. ⚠ If you’ve read ‘Repurpose Your Life - Master The Seven Works’ you’ve already read this book. Life without purpose, no matter how much money you have, is no life at all. You crave the space, time, flexibility and freedom to do the Real Work you want to do when you want to do it. You long to spend time with your family and friends without always thinking and feeling like you should be somewhere else, working. You're finished with always trying to find the time to change life so you can enjoy more creative freedom. You’re done with living someone else’s life. You already know searching for more ways to change life on the surface isn't the answer. Books that change you on the inside and the outside are the solutions to your core life problem. With The Seven Works, you’re empowered to do more of what you love and less of what you hate. You'll no longer have the feeling that I don't know what to do with my life. The Seven Works is a simple, new, flexible work-life-change blueprint tailored to your unique life context and life content. It will help you enjoy the time, energy, clarity, passion, and motivation to always do what matters to you most, spiritually, personally, at home with family, at work, and in business. In Facets of Life you’ll learn how to: Eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm Synchronise your life’s work to serve you Make time to change your life Achieve more by doing less Focus on what matters to you most Be more productive, efficient and effective Stop procrastination for good Consistently reach your goals Step beyond work-life balance conflict Nurture greater peace of mind and body Supercharge your decision-making ability Enjoy more time and space to be creative Increase your clarity, confidence, and creative freedom Maintain a creative state of flow no matter what’s happening Overcome that 'I don't know what to do with my life' problem Know your purpose in life and the moment Become increasingly more purpose driven in life #purposedrivenlife Navigate change like a ninja Work on your life instead of just in it Continually improve your relationships Feel more connected Delivers holistic results in all areas of your life. Facets of Life - Dispel Inner and Outer Conflict Contents INTRODUCTION PART ONE | FACETS OF LIFE Meet Your Master 01. The Master Works 02. Busy Work vs Real Work 03. Riding Work Edges 04. Redefining Work PART TWO | THE SEVEN WORKS RIP Work-Life Balance 05. The Seven Works 06. The Real Works 07. The Support Works 08. The Busy Works PART THREE | RECONFIGURING WORKS That Feedback Feeling 09. Letting Go 10. Work Tagging 11. Balancing Act 12. Forced Feedback CONCLUSION It’s time to change life to the better. For more ways to change life visit the author’s website. ⚠ If you’ve read ‘Repurpose Your Life - Master The Seven Works’ you’ve already read this book.

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