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Spirit Sight: Epic fantasy in medieval Wales (Last of the Gifted - Book One)

"Filled with adventure and romance and a touch of fantasy… Highly Recommended.” 5 Stars – CM Reviews Two siblings pledge their magical gifts to protect their people from the invading English, with the help of the last true Prince of Wales—after his murder. Warrior-in-training Hyw can control the minds of animals. His sister Catrin can see the future in a drop of water. Hyw wants to use his gift to win a place in the Prince of Wales' bodyguard. Then ambush and murder stretch the gift in unexpected ways, as the slain prince's spirit melds with Hyw to help him fight back against the ruthless army of Edward I. Catrin’s visions hold only disaster and death. She must convince the young nobleman she’s pledged to marry to help prevent the genocide she foresees. Can the gifts be trusted? Or will their world shatter around them? This award-winning medieval fantasy combines magic, mythology, and historical legends with the realities of 13th Century Wales. Winner of the Moonbeam Bronze Medal for YA Fiction “Dramatic descriptions and gripping scenes will make you hold your breath as the straight-forward narrative style of the author will keep your eyes peeled… If you love fantastic yet realistic and relatable realms, and love historic tales, look no further than this jewel crafted by Marie Powell...” Scribble's Worth "Powell does a great job mixing elements of fantasy, mythology, and historical conflict... Overall, a meticulously researched young adult medieval fantasy with compelling characters and high-stakes action. Recommended.” Historical Novels Review "Weaving history with romance and fantasy—elegant yet immediately accessible. Highly Recommended." Top Shelf Magazine “Well researched and beautifully written, Powell keeps us riveted... History and magic are intertwined effortlessly to cast a spell over the reader...” Ottawa Review of Books

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