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Broken Peak Pack Bundle: A Fated Mates Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Sentinels of the Silver Orb Book 1)


Dive into the Broken Peak Pack series as three sexy wolf shifters discover their fated mates (and more). Broken Hero He's a reluctant alpha and she's running for her life. But she's his true mate and the perfect alpha for his pack ... if he can convince her to stay. In the first book of the Broken Peak Pack Series, matters heat up when Bray, the unmated alpha of a last-chance pack for problem wolf shifters, discovers Vixen, a covert agent on the run from a team sent to eliminate her. The alpha is making it perfectly clear she belongs with him. Forever. But when the government agency discovers she’s still alive, she has to depend on Bray or risk dying. With her life in the balance, destiny and love confront the danger head on, but will it be enough for Bray to convince Vixen to stay? Or will Broken Peak lose its Hero, and Bray lose his mate? Broken Sage He’s just discovered he’s a father and she’s desperate to keep her son safe. But she’s his true mate and the perfect mother of his son … if he can convince her to stay. In the second book, things get complicated when Jackson, the second in command of the pack, meets Eleanor, the mother of a shifter pup on the run after an uncontrolled shift. With her son’s safety hanging in the balance, the love of a fated mate and father might be the only thing strong enough to stand against the danger looming over them, but will Jackson’s love for Eleanor and her son be enough to convince Eleanor to stay? Or will Broken Peak lose its Sage and Jackson lose his mate? Broken Mage He's a broken shifter with past and she's risking her life for a pack she doesn’t know. But she's his true mate ... if she can convince him he’s enough to keep her safe. In the third book, things get hot when Leighton, a broken man with a broken wolf, finds his fated mate when a woman who risks her life to keep the shifters of Broken Peak Pack safe shows up in his territory. With her life in danger, can Danielle convince Leighton he is strong enough to keep her safe? Or will the shifters lose their Mage and Leighton lose his mate? If you love cinnamon roll heroes, emotionally satisfying slow-burn Paranormal Romance, and safe Happily Ever Afters, then the Silver Sentinel Universe is perfect for you. Scroll up and click buy now.

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