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Elemental Summoner 1: A Chakra Cultivation Portal Harem series


Alex was living the life. His life. He worked as a convenience store clerk to pay for his games and books. At 26 years old, he was living the high life of a loner. But a bullet hole in the head ended all that. There was only one problem: he wasn't supposed to die that day.

Everyone has a time and a day that they are meant to die. That was not supposed to be Alex's day. So God gave him a choice. Option 1: Soul for soul. He could take the life of the person who was meant to die that day, become that person, and completely forget who “Alex” was. Or option 2: Keep being Alex, and transition to a world where magic was real, a world where God would give him the tools to survive.

Alex, who loved fantasy stuff like a crack addict, picked Option 2. So God threw him through a black portal. Once on the other side, and on another world, little did Alex know that those tools would be the ability to use all five Elemental magics. Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Mind. The kicker? The English language seems to trigger them.

Now, Alex is in for a world of adventure as he jokingly called himself “The Elemental Summoner,” but he didn't know that title was feared by everyone in the world of Boromour. Because once every thousand years, an Elemental Summoner was born who could wield all five Elementals magics and usually ended up destroying everything around them in their quest for power. Except, for Alex, the power is changing him as well.

But, Alex meets sexy, and powerful in their own rights, monster girls who might just be able to temper his power to not become evil.

This series contains the unabridged text, mayhem, monster girls, fluffy tails, and just plain lots of magic.

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