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Fast Break: A Nick O'Flannigan Story (Capital City Murders)


How did Nick get where he is today? How did an ex-basketball star end up being a freelance photographer? Nick is preparing for the game of his life. But a sense of dread comes over him every time he thinks about it. His girlfriend even seems to have doubts. With his parents, scouts and a huge crowd watching, Nick’s life will change forever. Find out where it all started in the Nick O’Flannigan story, Fast Break. Enjoy! INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR How does this story relate to the Capital City Murders Series? This book is a prequel, detailing how Nick O'Flannigan, the main character, injured his leg in college, changing his life forever. What's was the most enjoyable part of writing this short novella? As a break from the murder mystery part of Nick's life, we get a chance to get to know him better, and where he came from. Who should read this novella? Anyone interested in the Capital City Murders series and the backstory of Nick O'Flannigan, really. It's a pretty good story in and of itself, but wil really resonate with Captial City Murders readers.

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