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The Time That is Given Us: A Twist of Time Book


When an old enemy comes back into Charles' life, both Kate and Charles suffer the consequences. In Book Three of the Twist of Time book series, our intrepid couple learns how love affects time itself. From the war-torn fields of World War II to the meeting of Nikola Tesla, Charles and Kate travel back and forth through time and then some, as they strive to overcome impossible odds. Kate continues to learn more about her beloved husband, whose past remains as shadowy as their future. Charles takes risks and allows himself to be caught up in a web of time-twisting intrigue and adventure. Will love conquer all or will the fickle finger of fate rip this loving couple apart? Book Three of the Twist of Time series provides more romance and time-traveling adventures. "This was a real gem of a read - drew me in and kept me wanting more." - Reader Review"I highly recommend this book for folks who love romance and like time travel." - Reader Review

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