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What Happens in Roswell ... (Watcher Journals Book 1)


Seven years ago Andrew Wesman, a retired Navy SEAL and widower, was looking forward to a relaxing day off-roading in the mountains. He got a bit farther off road than he intended. Now he’s returned home, that is back to Earth. He has become part of a group responsible for mitigating disputes and it seems that the large populations of Aliens living on Earth want recognition. Humans on the other hand have no idea there really are aliens on their planet. To help him resolve this problem he has an ancient interstellar warship rumored to have destroyed several planets when its AI had a nervous breakdown. He also has a drop-dead gorgeous body guard who recently began insisting she is his fiancée. Then there is the small problem that someone is trying to kill him, although that might really be someone just trying to destroy the entire planet and he happens to be in the way of progress. At least he still has the assistance of his imaginary friend from childhood. Looks like just another day in Paradise.

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