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SNAFU (Watcher Journals Book 2)


They say returning home is not easy, whoever ‘they’ are. Andrew, a Watcher, had returned to Earth intending to help humans understand they were not alone in the Universe. As plans go, this one had tanked. Earth had won the first two space battles, but they didn’t know that yet. Andrew had gained a Fiancée and the AI on his ship was, well, on her own journey. Then there were the two (because one would have been too simple) alien species intent on conquering Earth. They seemed to have a passion for early morning attacks. On the other hand, this Watcher has great support including his strikingly attractive Fiancée who is combat hardened and one of four Guardians assigned by the Watcher Council to protect him. Then there are random (six foot tall Godzilla meets T-Tex) Reptoids, huge bear-like Ursans, a definitely feline, female fighter pilot, random assassins and an Armageddon class interstellar warship. Of course, there is also the question of the missing Muon species and Cloe’s fixation with roses. ‘I’ve got this,’ Andrew thought as he planned his speech, “People of Earth, I come in Peace … Ignore the Gunslingers who are with me.”

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