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Child of the Quest


Lisa returns home to Amiens France with Mike, her new beau, in tow. After running into yet another vampire hunter, Lisa vows to eliminate the Order once and for all—not only as retribution for the Order's murder of her family but to preserve her safety and the safety of other vampires. Knowing such as task is too great to fulfill alone, she seeks out other vampires to join in her Crusade, including the vampire that turned her father. However, her quest soon turns into a search for legend's oldest living vampire: the mythical Lilith, mother of all vampires. Back in New Orleans, Jack and Carlyon try to put their recent vampire adventures behind them. With Vasquez home in Columbia, they focus their energies on bringing the remaining drug lord, El Padre, to justice. Little do they know, their chance encounter at the Ursuline Convent drew the attention of the Knights of the Holy Order. Fearing that they may reveal long-hidden secrets, the Holy Order has vowed to silence the star-crossed couple by any means necessary.

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