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Astral Muse: The Memoirs of Marie Hebert (Volume 2)


Bill goes off to MIT while Marie finishes her senior year at Hahnville High and starts her physics program at Nicholls State. As much as she misses him when he’s gone, Marie is confident that she loves Bill and looks forward to attending graduate school with him. Vega’s popularity continues to grow, and with it, new challenges. The rest of the band starts dreaming about getting discovered and signing on with a record company, but Marie doesn’t share that dream, confident that she still wants a career in astrophysics. As long as it’s just a dream with little chance of happening, Marie doesn’t think too much about it. But what would happen if the dream ever became a reality and they were offered a recording contract? Could Marie simply abandon her dream of a career in astrophysics? What will she do if she has to decide whether she wants to study the stars or be a star? Set during the cusp of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, Astral Muse continues the story of Marie Hebert as she experiences college life before the age of PC’s, chat rooms, Twitter, and Instagram.

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