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Child of the Night


Life in the Big Easy is Never Easy Born into an emerging French middle class in 1183, Alésia d’Amiens somehow survives the murder of her family. Turned immortal by a sympathetic vampire, she enjoys the amenities of French nobility until her life crashes for a second time. Now she wanders the world alone, feeding wherever she can, trying to stay a step ahead of vampire hunters and the law. While investigating recent murders, New Orleans homicide detective Jack Diemont notices reports of similar killings in nearby cities. Fearing a serial killer in his backyard, Jack will spare no effort to apprehend the villain. Carolyn Prejean is one of the toughest prosecutors in New Orleans. Like Jack, she suspects that a serial killer is disrupting her jurisdiction. Her job takes an unexpected twist with the arrival of a pair of vampire hunters. Life in the Big Easy becomes anything but simple as she tries to distinguish perpetrator from prey.

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