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Fanged and Confused (The Briarberry Estate Series Book 1)

Kedah’s life isn’t going the way she planned. When she woke to find she had fangs and a craving for blood, she knew her life would never be the same. Just when things couldn’t get worse, her sire reappears, bringing trouble she didn’t ask for. With no other options, she finds herself at the Briarberry Estate, a mysterious place that offers shelter, but at what cost? Doran is the Estates most defiant resident who comes and goes as he pleases. That was until a scared, clueless vampire tripped into him. Intrigued, he finds himself lost in thoughts about who she is and why she seems so familiar while also being so foreign. There was something about her he couldn’t figure out. Something that he couldn’t seem to leave alone. As Kedah adjusts to life in the Estate, and the complications her sire brings, she finds her attraction to Doran as confusing as her life. Can the two of them learn to work together or will their differences create a divide they can’t cross?

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