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Genation: Insectivolk Wars

The aftermath of Verticus’s Great War escalates to a series of insectivolk wars. In the midst of the chaos Grizz abducts his daughter Genny. Eddy Twilynia Tik and Lunna-Jay mount a daring rescue attempt. Both Eddy and Grizz do what they can to end the insectivolk wars. Their efforts redirect Tik, Antiotae, Twilynia and Lunna-Jay to a Morguldean space station where they make contact with a specific Morguldean named Kroyd and a thrustle-T who goes by the name Brazor. It is a battle of wits to stay ahead of the wild shapeshifting creatures of Genotia one. After being stranded on the alien planet for years, Eddy and Twilynia have a son named Ordomus. Following a second abduction of Genny, Tik, Brazor, Ordomus and Genny are separated from the others. Evon leads them through Genation and time to return to earth of the past. A human family in Hawaii graciously take Genny into their family, but they are caught unaware of the deep ties she has to the far reaches of space and time. When Grizz absorbs all the power of Genation’s red nebulous swirl and Eddy absorbs the complete energy of Genation’s blue whirl, they battle hand to hand in the greatest conflict of good and evil since God fought the Devil.

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