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Genation: Verticus

Propelled 26 million years into the future, Eddy and Grizz must adjust to the futuristic world of Verticus, a planet contrived of volks and giant insects. This new life proves to be extremely challenging where Insects are the dominant species of the globe. Eddy finds immigrating into the volk culture tolerable, but Grizz has nothing but difficulty adjusting. Because of the complexity of Grizz’s genes, he is forced to endure numerous rigorous testing. This was the very thing Grizz wanted to escape from earth. When he can take no more, Grizz breaks free. On the run and wanted as an extremely dangerous volk, Grizz is at large in the volk city and hunted by the vastly advanced robotic peace officers known as ‘the thrustle-T.’ Meanwhile, Eddy begins to make a new life for himself, though he runs into his own sets of challenges in doing so. After capture, Grizz returns to Verticus from the distant prison planet. Armed with volk weaponized technology and an army of prisoners, they infest Verticus wreaking vengeance upon all volks and challenging their superiority. Worlds collide, the sun dies and Verticus is all but destroyed. Witness the ultimate catastrophic events when Grizz goes on an extreme rampage in the future of Genation. Is there anything Eddy can do to stop his brother before it’s too late? Take the definitive crucial ride that will blow your mind in Genation Verticus.

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