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The Mindful Couple: 52 Weekly Strategies To Real Love and Connection


Explore these tested and true strategies to bring more light, happiness, and health to your relationship. You love each other, but how much do you love your relationship? Too often, and for many, the busy-ness of work, parenting, and family obligations means the time and effort we once put into our romantic partnerships wane over time. Creating a thriving long-term relationship takes real skills. The good news is that these can be learned, are fun to do, and, practiced every day, can truly transform your lives together. In The Mindful Couple couples therapists Craig and Debbie Lambert offer 52 strategies—one for each week of the year—for a happier, healthier relationship. Backed by the Lamberts’ combined decades of experience, The Mindful Couple provides heartfelt advice for creating better dynamics and bringing more kindness, responsibility, and pleasure into your partnership. Learn how to empathize. Schedule a regular relationship meeting. Be generous with each other. Talk about sex, and schedule that, too. These tips and many more are explored, explained, and accompanied by enjoyable practices to try together. Approach your relationship-building with a playful, joyful spirit, and healing will inevitably result. Taught by Craig and Debbie to hundreds of couples in private therapy and group workshops over the last decade, these 52 strategies will help you feel more hopeful, inspired, and connected in your relationship.

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