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Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully


If your company does not need any business transformation, you’re very fortunate, but probably also a very dull person. This book is not for you. This book intends to open business and IT stakeholders’ eyes into the complexity of a business transformation’s ecosystem and find proven ways to work together and communicate better with each other to increase the odds of success of their endeavors. This book has no magic recipes that will guarantee your success. Still, it will provide you with the necessary skills, discipline, and corporate logic to increase your odds of success significantly.Most well-known businesses are currently deploying digital technologies on the cloud, using the Internet of things and mobile applications, among others. Some of them are even starting to test and deploy artificial intelligence within their operations. However, just a few of these established companies have been designed for digital from the start. Too many of the projects initiated by traditional organizations fail to deliver meaningful business outcomes in a reasonable time frame. Rapid and continuous innovative changes and more informed customers are forcing firms to have more fluid business strategies. Time to execution is now shorter and requires that most traditional businesses become more agile and learn to rely less on the siloed-organizational structure to implement their plan. Capital needs to be reallocated to customer-driven initiatives and projects, over other types of projects.Well-intended, knowledgeable, and dedicated human resources abound within many of these traditional organizations. Their work needs to be reorganized to enable a more customer-driven approach. In a digital and more agile company, strategies, people, capabilities, data, initiatives, processes, and technology need to be harmonized to identify and deliver with constancy innovative customer-driven solutions.Being a customer-driven enterprise is about maximizing customer lifetime value. It’s not about short-term fixes. These agile enterprises collaborate much more with their clients, partners, and influencers in enhancing their individualized experience. They offer inter-enterprise value propositions made of one or several products and services owned more often than not by many business units. The value propositions proposed by customer-driven enterprises to their clients, and partners are integrated into their environment and seamless.This book provides a practical guide to enable traditional businesses to become more customer-driven companies using the Strategic Execution Model. This book is intended for high-rank officers, business strategists, business architects, enterprise architects, portfolio managers, program managers, business analysts, product managers, process experts, and agile experts. Anyone interested in improving the delivery of their strategic digital transformation initiatives and projects within their organization should appreciate this book. It will enable you and your organization to execute the following:1. Design a business model and elaborate strategies,2. Plan and architect optimally the transformation of a business by focusing on key problematic business capabilities that need to be improved for success,3. Plan and prioritize your initiatives and projects by aligning them with the always evolving strategies of your organization,4. Define better and more precise agile requirements and epics early on for improved and quicker project delivery, and5. Make sure to measure business success throughout these steps to increase your odds of delivering initiatives and projects that matter to your clients.Ideally, this book is to be used as a reference guide to facilitate your collaborative digital transformation practice within your organization by consulting any of about 105 standard definitions, 104 figures, and 229 endnotes referring to mostly publicly webpage of available articles, white papers, and books.

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