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Container Gardening: An Easy Way to Grow Sustainable Healthy Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits in Tubes, Pots and Varied Containers Without Having a Green Thumb


Do you want to learn how to grow sustainable healthy vegetables, herbs and fruits in tubes, pots and varied containers without having a green thumb? If yes, then keep reading… Everyone has their own reasons, motivations and drive for gardening. Essentially everyone needs a passion to give life to their years. Without passion, life tends to be rather dull and lackluster. Most passions started out as interests or hobbies before they bloomed into full-fledged passions. Most of us work with either people or machines. If your workday consists of emails and computers phone calls, meetings gardening will feel like a breath of fresh air. It is a brilliant way to unwind after a hectic day. There are multiple benefits of urban gardening and more and more people are discovering it. For example, everyone has a pot in their home. A pot is a wonderful container to grow your herbs and vegetables and it can occupy a small space in your apartment. You can even hang plants to save floor space. Windows and roofs are also useful. With just a little research, you can come up with endless possibilities on how you could design your home with plants. Unless you are a veggie and fruit lover, the amount of produce you can harvest is larger than what you can consume. So, instead of letting it sit in your refrigerator for a long time, you can sell it to your neighbors, friends and family members. You can just sell it a little lesser than the price in the grocery store, and voilà, you have an extra income. This book covers: •    Why urban gardening •    Vegetable garden in pot •    The right pot for every plant •    Tools and accessories •     Managing pests and disease •    Herbs for every pot •     Kitchen herbs •     Benefits of growing plants in container And much more. Some people say that some indoor plants have therapeutic value. It is because of the scent of the plant and the green color, which creates a relaxing environment. Not only do plants help people relax but also, it relieves stress. When you had a bad day, and you entered your apartment or room with plants, the relaxing element will soothe your troubled mind. The color green relaxes the eyes and the mind. Hydrangeas and geranium are two examples of stress -plants. Both bring joy to your home. Imagine your apartment now. It is plain and simple, right? Plants add life to your apartment. With its different colors, texture, shapes and sizes that you can match, you can design your space. Plus, you can choose from different plants and flowers depending on your lifestyle and preference. This book will also help you understand the many different types of herbs that you can grow and how to grow them in your area. Furthermore, the fact that vegetable gardening using containers can involve the entire family is also beneficial: it is a pleasant way of spending some quality time with the people you love most in life. This kind of gardening is great if you want to make your children want to eat their veggies because they will take great enjoyment in getting their hands dirty with growing the vegetables as well. Even more, since container gardening is so easy and relaxing, even the elderly can successfully practice it. So, what's more fascinating? Scroll up and click the buy now button.

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