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The Mysterious Affair at Styles Annotated Book


The book begins in Styles Court, located in Essex, United Kingdom. The manor has multiple people living on it, including Emily Inglethorp, the elderly owner of the estate. When the rest of the people living there wake up in the morning, they find that Emily has died, and it appears that she was poisoned.In one of Christie's Hercule Poirot novels, the famous detective finds out that Emily was of great wealth, providing a very likely motive for murder. Suspects included Alfred Inglethorp, a younger man who Emily just married, the Cavendish family, who include Emily's stepchildren, and Cynthia and Evelyn, both of whom were friends of Emily.John Cavendish, according to Emily's will, is the one who will receive the majority stake in the manor, so, at first, this points the suspecting finger at him. However, it is said that, on the day of the murder, Emily had argued with John and Alfred, and changed her will. No one can find any evidence that such a newly created will even exists.The investigator of the crime is Inspector Japp, who thinks that Alfred is the one who committed the murder. He refuses to provide an alibi, and he has the most to gain (They found an updated version of Emily's will, in which Alfred inherits the manor). Because he is so young, it seems like he is simply a man looking for easy money.Alfred is found guilty of the murder, and he did it in coordination with Evelyn. Apparently, he had written a letter about killing Emily, and this is what made Emily so upset the day of the murder. Not being able to go another day without her telling someone, he decided to kill her that night.

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