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The Skinner Box


When Detective Elizabeth Stratton and her partner, James, are called to investigate a suspicious death at a psychiatric hospital, they are unnerved by how someone could be killed with no witnesses in a place under constant supervision. Before they can even try to figure out who did it, they need to figure out how.But it's hard to interview suspects when at least half of them have diagnosed mental illnesses. So Elizabeth must discover what life is like in this dark place and what has brought its inmates to its cold confines. It's certainly a sharp contrast to the Miami lifestyle practically right outside its gates—all flash and dash with little substance. It's enough to lead anyone to murder...Also fighting for Elizabeth's attention is the unwelcome return of her old partner, Chris. It's not easy working with an ex-boyfriend, especially one whose deceptively nice personality might actually be more insidious than outright villainy. All the while she still fights an attraction to the arrogant, but tempting detective, Nick. With her colleagues' sometimes unwanted help, Elizabeth begins to unravel a multi-layered tale of abuse and immorality. Then she discovers a truth far more disturbing than she ever expected. There's gruesome...and then there's just plain sick.The Skinner Box is Book 2 in the Elizabeth Stratton Mystery Series.

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