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Understanding Your Finances Through Life's Changes: Closing the Relationship Gap in Financial Literacy


Imagine knowing exactly how to manage your finances so that you can create your budget, save for emergencies, save for retirement, take care of your children, and buy your own home. Imagine also being able to easily adjust to life's changes, and never have to be a slave of money. Imagine never having to fear that you will get a divorce, have your family destroyed, or stay in an abusive relationship, all because of the financial struggles. Imagine being financially secure throughout your life...or don't just imagine it, learn how to do it! With this book, you will get the financial education you need to successfully manage your finances through the various stages of your life, as well as navigate through all the changes that might come with them. You will learn about: - financial planning while single, including budgeting, savings (emergency, retirement, for your children), insurance options, and estate planning - financial planning while engaged, including financial talk, warning signs, budgeting for two, financial priorities, and navigating in a breakup - financial planning while married, including paying for wedding and honeymoon, budget revision, updating beneficiary designations, planning for retirement, what to do when the children come, and what to do if you decide to get a divorce - and much, much more! While the book doesn't cover everything there's to know about personal finance (and therefore, doesn't make you feel lost in too many details), it will teach you how to adapt both to the wonderful new phases of your life and the less enjoyable ones. Grab this book today and start your journey to financial security! For more information about the author and the book please go to www.madbu.com or email us at contact@madbu.com

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