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Self Investment 101: How to Bank on Yourself to Become a Valuable Asset and Profit Generating Machine


Self investment is the only guaranteed investment you will ever make. While the concept of self investment may seem simple, years of indoctrinated thought patterns, and an inability to see your self-worth has left you feeling like you are performing at a quarter of your true potential. Now is the time to change that! Self Investment 101 delves deep into the human psyche, exploring the reasons people abandon success as they enter adulthood. Offering a no-nonsense approach to eradicating toxic behaviors, and practical tips on how to turn your skills into an income-generating asset, this book pulls you out of your comfort zone, opening your eyes so that you can see your worth. Unlike other self investment books, Self Investment 101 seeks to identify the hidden skills and attributes you already possess, capitalizing on your uniqueness in a way that will not only generate you more income but will have you living a happy, balanced life. It has become apparent, now, more than ever before that being prepared for any eventuality, and the ability to be adaptable is the key to sustainable wealth. Why would you not want to learn the skills to be the useful, purpose-driven person you were always destined to be. This book has been formulated to take you on a journey of self-discovery and sets you on the path to success in a way you never thought. It teaches you that you are your only asset and encourages you to achieve your greatness. After all, if you do not invest in yourself first, who will invest in you later!

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