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I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry


We all seek love. Discover a journey of prose into our profoundest passions and heartbreaks. Gold Award Winner, Nonfiction Authors Association, Top 10 Finalist Author Elite Awards, Distinguished Favorite NYC Big Book Awards 2020. 5-Stars: San Francisco Book Review. From the earliest stirrings of a new romance through the grief of loss and separation, the human experience takes us along soaring highs and deep lows. Nowhere is this more breathtakingly realized than in romantic poetry, where the mere power of words evokes feelings that cross cultures and divides. In this array of poems drawing on the natural elements all around us, you'll bask in the light and darkness of life's most intense events. Valerie Nifora's simple poetry span over a decade of memories of emotional ups and downs. From the tingling elation of first loves to the crushing pain of breakups and loss, her beautiful lyricism will immerse you in sensuality, desire, and innocence. With Nifora's delicate touch, you'll relive those passionate minutes that stretched into hours and the tormented days that felt like years, coming out at the other end cleansed and with your spirit open to possibility. I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry is a sweeping adventure into our most basic drive for intimacy. If you like raw primal emotions, touching scenes, and joyous celebrations, then you'll adore Valerie Nifora's exploration of the soul. Buy I Asked the Wind to lose yourself in love today!

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