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Anytime Escapes: Romance & Cozy Mystery Box Set (Sweet Summer Beach Reads)

by Love Light Faith Publishing

Published Jun 01, 2019 by Love Light Faith Publishing (June 1, 2019)

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4.4 out of 5 on Amazon with 40 ratings
Bestselling authors, fantastic books! ♥ Prepare to be whisked away with uplifting stories full of laughter, mystery, and romance!

    ♥ “Perfect stories for an afternoon at the beach. I loved them all!”

    ♥ “Fun, feel-good books to take you away from it all.”

    ♥ “Delightful stories from the heart about family, friendship, and new beginnings.”

    ♥ “Sit back and let the pages fly by!”

Get Swept Away~ Any Time of Day (*Relaxation Guaranteed)

With so many new books out it’s sometimes difficult to decide what series to take a chance on. But now you don’t have to with the ultimate “beach reads” bundle. Eight standalone stories that you can read and enjoy- then if you love them, you’ll feel confident diving in and enjoying more books by that author!

  • ♥ The Vacation Cottages
  • ♥ Welcome to Riverside Ranch
  • ♥ Deceived by the Billionaire
  • ♥ For Love...and Donuts
  • ♥ Diamonds and Dirt
  • ♥ Killer Decor
  • ♥ Lady Sophia and the Proper Gardener
  • ♥ A Simple Heart's Journey Home

Take your mind on a vacation…Anytime, anywhere, with this quintessential compilation of sweet, easy & fun reads.~

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