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Grief Begets: A Violent Tale of Supernatural Revenge

by David Mayo

Published Apr 17, 2020 by Services LLC

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Gregory Tiezen has known grief, but his sorrow and his misery acts as a mutagen, creating something alien and parasitic, a thing that eats the sins of others. He is host to an unworldly entity that physically manifests when Greg is present at the death of others. As the symbiote draws some unknown essence from the dead, Gregory experiences their memories, passively acquires their skills, finds his vision becoming more sensitive and his physical strength increasing.

Gregory is growing comfortable with his symbiotic relationship. He has even fallen in love. After a life of misery and loneliness, he is happy. Then a brutal act of violence robs him of all happiness and meaning.

As his life spirals down into the depths of despair, all those who wronged him, all those who savaged his soul would soon regret that day. Some are said to be consumed by grief. Gregory Tiezen's grief would instead be fed as each murderer is hunted down to have his life-force consumed by the supernatural symbiote. Together, they would have their revenge.

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