Mark Canniff

Mark Canniff was born and raised for the first twelve years in Seattle, Washington. He spent the next thirteen in England.

Finishing his education in the UK, receiving an Advance Level in English Literature (which is about the equivalent to an Associate’s Degree in the US), it wasn’t long before he returned to the United States to begin a career in the film industry.

While he isn’t a paranormal ghost hunter, he has experienced demons, haunted locations, and many apparitions, plus much more. “It’s been unnerving at times.” As he would often say.

He started his writing career by creating short stories and article writing. (Realizing that he found his “Calling” in life), he began work on a short screenplay (when he was in the film industry) entitled “The Dream”.

Although the script was never produced, it showed him he had something that people liked. So, the road to “Dream, Recurring”, his first novel, began.

Currently, in the Aviation industry, he sees his future in writing. “This is the first book in a series totaling three stories.” This should help establish Mark as an author that’s here to stay.

Married since 2004, to the love of his life. They have one son, and together, he feels his life is complete.

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